Ehrenfeld’s Narratives / Ehrenfelder Erzählungen

As an urban district, Ehrenfeld is a neighbourhood in the west of Cologne that combines both old and new. Having been known as an industrial workers neighbourhood, in the past years it has become an up and coming ‘creative’ district that has attracted new types of residents and crowds. Ehrenfeld boasts a strong local community, active residents, an intriguing and complex history and landmarks such as the biggest mosque in Germany, a maritime lighthouse on firm land and the colossal Colonius communications tower.

Video_Fernster is an opportunity to think about the importance of our neighborhood’s human, social, cultural, historic & urban fabric. It’s a chance to explore notions of public space, society and community highlighting the characteristics of the groups and individuals that have built and inhabited it. How has Ehrenfeld endured CoronaVirus? What has it lost? What has it gained? What can we say about it’s identity after months of isolation? Have the restrictions on our use of public spaces changed our perceptions of our neighbourhood? Has our sense of community changed? We encourage all contributions that explore our perceptions and experiences of the Ehrenfeld district since the appearance of the Covid_19 pandemic.