C. Exhibition Of Submitted Work

All videos will be showcased in the displays and windows of independent local businesses participating in VIDEOFENSTER 2021. All windows will have a translucent white screen, its size will vary depending on the location where the video will be shown and its contents. Videos exhibited at Büro KREATIVEKONTOR and Büro Groba/Perez-Canto will be exhibited on screens installed on site.</p

Projections will take place at the following stops of the video trail:

  • 3 windows at Motoki-Kollective (@Stammstrasse 32).
  • 2 windows at Cafe Soleil (@Fridolinstrasse 2).
  • 2 windows at Cafe Franck (@Eichendorffstraße 30).
  • 1 window at K18 galerie (@Kornerstraße 18).
  • 1 window at Büro Ed baima (@Glasstraße 81).
  • 1 window at Büro KREATIVEKONTOR (@Glasstraße 80).