Home, a wide world / Zuhause, weite Welt

During the past year and a half we have seen the world through our homes and homes have become our world. We’ve discovered new dimensions to the intimacy of our homes and we’ve undoubtedly acquired new ways of sensing things due to the new forms of life lockdown has forced on us. COVID_19 has abruptly reinforced how our homes and living spaces have been taken for granted. During the pandemic homes have become sites of confinement, seclusion, isolation and retreat while still being our daily space for refuge, rest, intimacy and domestic tasks. Most have undergone a ‘lockdown’ effect that has affected its inhabitants socially and emotionally, obliging them to transform their daily dynamics and include new behaviours and activities such as schooling or working.

Video_Fenster wants to reveal the stories that have appeared in the interior of our homes, narratives of spatial cohabitation and coexistence, abstractions of the different elements that constitute a home, relationships with objects and details and representations of what homes have become to us now. We’re interested in submissions that expand on the subjectivity and intimacy of the sensations we now experience in our daily surroundings and the new memories we have due to the confinement we have lived that has without doubt had global effects.