Inside or Outside? / Drinnen oder Draussen?

Historically the walls of our homes that have acted as shelters from our public life. With the CoronaVirus pandemic our homes have also become safe spaces protected from global health threats and invisible airborne enemies. Staying at home has become a sign of our times, a way of protecting ourselves and our communities. But it’s also become a paradox as it’s dismantled our everyday lives, the interactions with our communities, families, friends and workplaces. In this sense, homes have become isolation cells. In a matter of weeks we had to adapt to new forms of life among walls and we have had to immediately give up our use of public spaces. Habits and lifestyles have been dramatically changed and society is still adjusting to the many changes we have undergone in the past year and a half.

Video_Fernster welcomes proposals that interrogate how the boundaries of our homes have changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Has the pandemic affected our everyday life in terms of our public and private behaviours? Have the notions of being indoors and outdoors been challenged? How are we experiencing these spaces? Have our social interactions with neighbours and local communities changed? Are we living in the same way? Do we feel safe outdoors? Do we feel free indoors? Have our identities changed? Have the identities of our spaces changed? Where do we like being? These questions are only starting points to guide your imagination on the topic as new issues are constantly developing on a global scenario. We encourage and support any further ideas inscribed in the topic.