B. Motivations/ Goals

– Video_Fenster_Ehrenfeld is an invitation to artistically and symbolically express the effects of living in lockdown due to the global CoronaVirus pandemic. It’s an invitation to tear down the walls of our homes and share our innermost thoughts and feelings with our communities and environments.

– Video_Fenster_Ehrenfeld is an initiative to reactivate our neighbourhoods and our communities by offering ‘viewers’ the unique possibility to reconnect with urban landscapes via audio-visual art. It’s an opportunity for mediating experiences through audio-visual media in public spaces.

– Video_Fenster_Ehrenfeld desires to expand viewers’ perceptions of the city by merging elements of architecture and film. Each part of Video_Fenster’s audio-visual trail becomes a possibility to transform a transient pedestrian into a conscious spectator, stimulating symbolic perception and blurring the boundaries among reality and illusion.

– Video_Fenster_Ehrenfeld offers people of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to enjoy film, video & media art in public spaces. To encourage public engagement and access, all urban and online screenings will be provided free of charge and are accessible to all.