Planet House / Haus Planet

We are all part or something bigger than ourselves, our homes, neighbourhoods and workplaces. We are part of a bigger home, a home we share with every living being on the planet, the Earth. As members of a broader community in which we are dependent on a magnificent diversity of forms of life and cultures, the global pandemic has allowed us to become more aware of ourselves on a global scale. As we have been locked inside our houses our planet has had a chance to regenerate its resources and take a pause from the tremendous impact we generate on it. During months of lockdown the deterioration of our environment, the loss of species and habitats, global warming and the decline of the quality of our natural resources has slowed down. As a result, wild animals have reappeared in city landscapes decades after their disappearance, species that were supposed to be extinct have resurfaced and the effects of contamination and the indiscriminate abuse of resources -such as fresh water- have become a common topic as they directly affect the development of Covid_19 in impoverished communities.

How conscious are we about the effects we are having on our real home? For how much longer will the earth be able to nurture our needs? Are we really willing to carry out positive change regarding the world’s ecological balance? Will we be the dystopian spectators of the earth’s extinction? Video_Fenster invites participants of the 2021 version to address our relationship with our planet through issues linked to how the consciousness and knowledge about the environment has changed due to our experience of isolation and lockdown. Audio-visual works regarding environmental issues linked to our life on the planet as well as acknowledgements concerning our interconnectedness with the planet, it’s resources and other inhabitants are very welcome.