E. Requirements for Submission


    Artists wishing to participate must be over 18 years old.

  2. WORKS
    1. The theme should adhere to one of the four topics mentioned in VIDEOFENSTER 2021’S Open Call
    2. Each artist or group of artists may submit up to one video work.

      * Pieces by Video or Art Collectives are welcome, please clearly state the name and role of each participant in the production of the piece in the submission process.

    3. Video must be Original
    4. Video format 16:9
    5. All videos must and have been shot and edited during the 2020-21 CoronaVirus Pandemic.

      * No works shot before the start of the Covid Pandemic should be submitted.

    6. The file should be labeled with the theme you have chosen and it’s title, length, year, and author.
    7. You must send a download link to the video file with your submission materials.
    8. The file must be in a standard format currently in use.
    9. We recommend that the file does not exceed 2GB (two gigabyte) in size, for easy downloading of the video.

    1. Application form signed by the artist (below these lines).
    2. Biography + CV of the artist or artists.
    3. A brief synopsis of the submitted work.
    4. Up to 3 descriptive still’s of your project (jpg 300 dpi).


    The download link should be sent to: